20th October 2020

Get creative with doodle project this October

Could you take part in our Drawing a Day Project this October?

Take a look at our daily doodle calendar below, pick up your pen or pencil, and join us for 31 days of drawing!

Each daily idea relates to wider themes of nature, being outdoors, and the environment. Overall, we’re looking at how creativity and nature can help enhance wellbeing.

This project is for everyone, regardless of artistic ability, and we would love to see your drawings!

You can email them to and we will share them in our online gallery below, and on social media too, to inspire others!

Please note

  • By sending us your work, you give permission for St Richard’s to publish it on its website, social media channels, and other publications. Please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • We welcome your creativity however we reserve the right not to publish any work we deem inappropriate.

Thank you, and happy drawing!

Daily themes and ideas 

Follow this link for inspiration and ideas for each daily theme.

Drawing a Day Gallery

Day One: Apples and Pears

Day Two: Go bananas with cheerful cherries

Day Three: Oranges and Lemons

Day Four: Fruit Basket 

Day Five: Vegetables

Day Six: Salad

Day Seven – Leaves

Day eight – Climate and Change

Day nine – Come rain or shine

Day 10 – Chasing rainbows

Day 11 – Sunflowers 

Day 12 – Herb garden

Day 13 – Dragonflies

Day 14 – Light and Dark

Day 15 – You’re a Star

Day 16 – Sticks and stones

Day 17 – Treeline 

Day 18 – Take a trip to the sea

Day 19 – Water, water everywhere

Day 20 – A word in your shell like…

Day 21 – Ice and snow 

Day 22 – Winter fields and forests

Day 23 – View from your window 

Day 24 – Birds of a feather

Day 25 – What’s bugging you?

Day 26 – Fingerprint faces to make you smile

Day 27 – Rabbits and hares

Day 28 – Malvern Hills

Day 29 – Sheep

Day 30 – Candles 

Day 31 – Lights and Lanterns