22nd April 2016

Knitted prayer squares offer comfort

Our chaplaincy team have recently been given a number of prayer squares, knitted or crocheted by local groups and individuals.  They are made with a cross on them and the idea is that the creator prays for the recipient, even though they do not know who that person is or what their individual needs are.

When the squares arrived, they were blessed in a service in our Sacred Space and placed in a basket for people to take for themselves or as a gift for someone else.  No money should ever be exchanged for a prayer square – they are given freely as a symbol of the love of God.

Day Hospice patient Max Steele was among the first to benefit from a prayer square. He told me; “My illness feels a bit raw but I’ve recently started attending Day Hospice and this feels like being enveloped in a warm, comfortable blanket. These prayer squares are like being able to carry a little of that comfort around with me. My wife also has one and we are both finding them very helpful.”

Prayer squaresThe idea has proved to be exceedingly popular here at St Richard’s so we thought it would be good if we could find some regular knitters or crocheters who would be prepared to support us by creating new squares.

Generally, the squares are approximately 3 inches square but designs, colours and sizes are variable and down to choice and we would welcome variety and creativity. I would love to hear from anyone who is able to offer us their crafty support!

Clare Griffiths, Lead Chaplain