23rd December 2015

Malvern couple dedicate a year of running for hospice care

An active couple from Malvern have taken part in over 100 races over the last 12 months in support of hospice care.

Mike Anstey and his partner Lynda Broadway, who are both keen runners and members of Malvern Joggers, have each run over 1,000km in races to raise over £5,500 for St Richard’s Hospice.

Over the year, Mike has taken part in 59 races of various lengths from 5km to ultra-marathons, including the Thunder Run 24 hour race achieving a total of 130km race in 22 hours, and has run a total of 1,153km. Lynda has taken part in 57 official races which have totalled 1,039km.

Despite being busy with Christmas celebrations, the couple haven’t finished their fundraising efforts for 2015 with further 58km of races planned before New Year.

The pair’s fundraising achievement has been supported by local businesses which have hosted events and donated raffle prizes. Their Easter Saturday Charity Worcester Pub Run in April saw the runners visit 50 pubs across the city, which supported their fundraising with customer collections and refreshments. The Morgan pub in Malvern, part of the Wye Valley Brewery, regularly hosts the Malvern Joggers social events and has also generously supported the couple throughout the year.

Lynda said; “St Richard’s Hospice has cared for a number of people that we know and love. The care they and their families received from St Richard’s made a huge difference to them. Where would people be without the hospice and its amazing staff. It’s such a lovely peaceful place to be able to come at the end of your life. Mike and I wanted to do something that reflects our appreciation for the hospice staff. We are keen runners and so it seemed appropriate to dedicate our races this year to the hospice.

She added; “We would like to thank everyone who has helped us to raise money, including all the businesses that have supported us and our friends and family who have helped with logistics of our fundraising running and social events. We are delighted to have raised such a large amount, and are hoping that our final figure for 2015 will reach £6,000.”