12th May 2017

Thank you for ‘amazing’ care

Shared from Facebook:
I wanted to thank you all for the most amazing care you have given to my Dad during his 8 month battle with a brain tumour. You have given emotional support to my children and myself during our journey, which quite honestly has made the pain we are feeling now a little easier ❤️

Dad chose not to spend his days at the hospice, instead Jayne Roberts, Dads CNS nurse, allowed my Dad to stay in the comfort of his home in the most dignified way possible. I will be eternally grateful to Jayne for the emotional and physical support she offered my Dad, she was more than a nurse, she became a friend of my Dads, and mine.
She is quite simply an angel 😇 and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her.
Each and everyone of your hospice at home girls that came to care for Dad, treated him with empathy, compassion and complete dignity. An amazing group of girls 💖
So thank you, from the bottom of my heart for offering such a fantastic service, I will never forget any of  you. And I know neither will my Dad, you made such a difference to him. Thank you 😘

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