19th March 2020

Social Work support helps understanding

Our fantastic Family Support Team help a number of people with autistic spectrum conditions, learning disabilites and other conditions. They’re now using a piece of software called Widgit which allows them to build social stories, communication aids and emotions cards for people who need extra support to communicate or understand what is happening. Here’s the story created by Specialist Palliative Care Social Worker Andy to explain how the coronavirus has changed the ways of working at the moment to help understanding and reduce anxiety around the situation. 😊


















Social work at St Richard’s includes:

helping people express what is important to them;

helping people talk openly about dying and bereavement;

helping them to tell their story and leaving memories behind.

Providing practical support, information, advice – including support in accessing appropriate care – in the home or elsewhere.

Providing bereavement support such as one to one and group work and signposting to other help.
Support parents to arrange care for their children after their death, including helping them to make any necessary legal arrangements.

Providing pre-death and bereavement support for children and young people who have a loved one with a life limiting illness, including group work

Supporting and advising schools and other professionals who are supporting grieving children.