14th March 2016

Hospice care reaches global audience

Blogs featuring the care of St Richard’s Hospice and a fundraising concert by nine year old Maggie Walker, who lives near Malvern, have been viewed over 220,000 times by a global Chinese audience.

The blogs were written by Maggie’s mum, Minnie Pang, an experienced international photojournalist.

Maggie and five of her friends put on a fundraising concert at Malvern College raising £400 for St Richard’s. She was inspired to fundraise for the hospice by the experience of her family friend and neighbour, Catriona Craig, who was cared for by St Richard’s last year. Maggie – A Malvern St James pupil – visited Catriona while she was an In-patient and was so inspired she wanted to give something back in Catriona’s memory.

Minnie said in her blog that she didn’t know the word hospice until it was mentioned in relation to her neighbour’s care.  In China, hospice care is very much in its infancy.

“I did not expect the walls to be covered with colourful paintings, flowers, comfortable rooms and big glass doors to a very beautiful garden where patients lying in bed can see the birds and ducks, flowers and trees. “

Catriona Craig, Alice Bennett, Louise Russell-Pavier and David CraigHer blog went on to describe how when Maggie went to visit Catriona they saw the Jacuzzi bath and heard how her beloved horse had been brought to the hospice.

Minnie describes how relatives can stay overnight close by in the hospice, how there is time to talk, symptom relief and spiritual care and surprising extras such as a hairdressing service and art therapy. She points out that all this hospice care is free.

To read the full blog go to http://mccfriends2015.blog.ifeng.com/article/43732517.html and translate via an online facility.