29th February 2016

Hospice helped create special memories

We cherish the thoughts of our patients & families and Kayleigh has given us permission to share her lovely comments on our care:

“next month it will have been 3 years since you cared for my mum. It occurred to me that I never actually thanked the amazing staff at St Richard’s Hospice for everything you all did to care for my mum, my family and myself. I really don’t think words will ever be enough to express the gratitude I have for the hospice and everyone that works or volunteers there. Unfortunately my mum passed away 3 weeks before my wedding day, but because of the help of the nurses at the hospice, I was able to bring my wedding dress to my mum for her to see me in it. It’s a memory I will always hold close to my heart. Not only did I get to experience that moment, a moment every daughter wants to share with their mother, but because of the hospice, I also got to make other memories with my mum that will stay with me forever, for that, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart!

Sincerely, Kayleigh.”