12th January 2016

How you helped us care at Christmas

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters who backed our festive Crowdfunder appeal, St Richard’s Hospice was able to give patients and their loved ones great care and compassion at home over Christmas.  We want to share with you just how much it meant to our patients and their loved ones that you were able to give them the time, care and understanding of our Hospice at Home team at Christmas.



  • 13 patients were supported at home, their preferred place of care, over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day
  • Ten members of the Hospice at Home team were caring for patients and families over the three days, including 24 hour care
  • The team cared for three individuals who died with dignity at home over Christmas
  • We offered a flexible and agile service, able to quickly respond with end of life crisis care and carer support
  • 70+ backers donated £6,180


DSC00230The Hospice at Home team was in great demand over Christmas for end of life crisis care and to support carers who were stretched to the limit. They were able to help patients stay at home if that was their wish, and prevented unnecessary hospital admissions. Our team offered emotional support to relieve anxieties, companionship and care to those who were alone, and for others our support enabled their loved ones to have a break from being a carer to simply spend time being a husband, wife, son or daughter.

Our team members were there to help families before the imminent death of their loved ones and with immediate emotional support and guidance afterwards.

We cared for patients with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses such as MND, MS, respiratory and lung failure, often with very complex symptoms.

Thank you, we simply couldn’t do it without your support.

Liza McEvillly

Liza McEvilly

Hospice at Home Team Leader