12th December 2020

Supporting bereaved families at Christmas

Christmas can be an incredibly difficult time of year for many, particularly when a loved one has died.

Family Support Manager, Matt Jackson, said, “It’s normal to feel emotional, sad and low at Christmas when we are bereaved. We miss our loved one who has died and the memories of Christmases past can be both comforting and painful. There can be pressure to conform to a ‘happy’ Christmas. There can be pressure from family, friends and from ourselves to ‘stay positive’ and join in with the festive events.”

Matt added, “Being surrounded by joy and celebration for such a long period can be very difficult and can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.” The Team is running a special self-care through bereavement at Christmas webinar for bereaved adults known to St Richard’s this week. The webinar will explore challenges at Christmas, ways of coping and celebrating the festive season as well as self-care strategies and some mindfulness.


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