4th February 2021

World Cancer Day 2021

“The hospice makes the difference between existing and living. I wasn’t really living before I accessed support from St Richard’s, I was just existing.”

These are the words of Christine, who shares her story this World Cancer Day.

Christine, 67, is living with cancer and is supported by our Living Well Team.

After moving to Worcester in September last year, Christine began receiving virtual support from St Richard’s in November.

To begin with, she received six, weekly phone calls from the Living Well Team, and has also had telephone support from a specialist hospice doctor.

She now attends regular group sessions via Zoom. Among the group sessions is the hospice Art Club, something Christine – who has a keen interest in art and design – enjoys taking part in.

The virtual Art Club aims to improve patients’ wellbeing by providing a space to be creative, express themselves, and focus on something positive.

Christine also attends a course to learn techniques on managing her breathlessness, a symptom of her illness.

“It is that social contact and the fact that on that particular day on that week there is something to look forward to,” explains Christine. “I have got back to being a social person again.”

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