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Bringing peace and relaxation

Liesl Potts Sylvia Broadbent HEARTS therapy 2

St Richard’s patients can now benefit from a new complementary therapy, helping them to find relaxation, peace and wellbeing. HEARTS (Hands on, Empathy, Aromas, Relaxation, Texture, Sound) is a technique that can calm those who may be anxious, in pain or unable to sleep. Developed by Ann Carter, a specialist complementary therapist in supportive and… Read more »

Creative therapy gave me ‘an interest in living’

Betty  Daniels Saturday Social Club

Our Saturday Social Group is for patients who have been discharged from Day Hospice because they are stable but still benefit from social support. They meet monthly at St Richard’s Hospice in Worcester. Betty Daniels, 80, from Worcester, writes about what St Richard’s and the  Social Group means to her: “I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin… Read more »

‘The magic of St Richard’s’

Jacky with Ellie, her beloved cat. 
Photo credit MNDA

Jacky Smith is 49 and living with MND. Ellie is her beloved cat who recently visited Jacky in the hospice In-patient Unit. Jacky writes about her hospice care.                           So what’s their magic? Knowledgeable, caring, skilled and patient nurses 24/7. Doctors who plan your… Read more »

Men’s group offers companionship & laughter

Men's Space group with guest Philip Serrell, auctioneer and broadcaster.

On the sixth of January 2014 I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and my life changed in a split second. Everything that I had known and taken for granted suddenly became very vulnerable with life even more so. Oncology sprang into action and the circus of tests, examinations and biopsies had begun. I found… Read more »

A football challenge with a difference

David Pearson football club tour 2

Earlier this spring hospice supporter David Pearson took on a Premiership League football challenge with a difference to raise money to help St Richard’s care for patients at the end of their lives and support their loved ones. For five days in April, David travelled the length and breadth of England, visiting every football club… Read more »

Jacky Smith, patient diary

Jacky smith guiness

Jacky Smith is 49 and living with MND. Jacky writes about her hospice care. A gentle helping hand just when it’s needed. Hospice have joint care with the community services like the GP, physio etc. Today I’ve had a one stop shop to all the services.  I saw the physio about equipment and exercises. I… Read more »

My volunteering story, Glenn Barker

Glenn Barker and DH patient Gordon Clifford in the morgan

I have been a volunteer for only a year, but in that short time I have enjoyed the special quality that embodies working at St Richard’s. I started as a driver and have progressed to community volunteering, which has included brushing up on my ironing skills! The ‘Morgan rides’ venture, now in its second year, has… Read more »

My volunteering story, Ellie Bulman

Ellie Bulman Community Volunteer

Volunteering with the St Richard’s Hospice community team has been incredibly rewarding and has offered me a valuable insight into the social effects of illness on people’s everyday lives. As a Community Services Volunteer, I visit a lady being cared for by St Richard’s for an hour each week and help her with day to… Read more »

Innovation improves patient care and staff wellbeing

Vanessa Gibson

Taking an innovative approach to delivering community palliative care at St Richard’s Hospice is helping us to provide compassionate care to more patients and their families in need of specialist end of life care. The changes made to our community nursing services have saved the team 1,674 hours a year, almost equivalent to another full-time… Read more »

Why I became a nurse

Rachel Askar community nursing team

I decided I wanted to become a nurse when I was 16. I had a job as a health care assistant in a nursing home and I felt this was my calling. I have worked for many years as a community nurse now and have recently joined the community team at St Richard’s Hospice. I… Read more »